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Why are we here..

We formed Credyts to combat the ever-growing, ever-present, international plague - Big Government.

For decades bureaucrats have escalated their bid to monopolise power.  Taxing us all at every level to fund the buying of votes.  When there isn't enough tax (or if taxing again so soon after the last new tax would loose them votes), they borrow.

This left traditional first world economic powerhouses like the UK and US deeply in debt and, most economists agree, more vulnerable to collapse than ever. 

If you're thinking this sounds a little "chicken little" and that we're running around saying the sky's falling - you're right.  Think the British Empire circa 1890, or Rome 100AD.  How about Genghis Khan, or Tsar Alexander.  Every dog has its day and (we think) is usually brought down by the fleas.

A Basic Membership with Credyts goes a long way to mitigate the risk.

Your Credyts are backed 1:1 with the worlds oldest and most stable currency - Gold. 

For the first time in history though, you're able to store, transfer and transact with your gold, instantly and around the world. 


Unlike traditional bank transfers and credit card payments, because we use the Blockchain, your payment is received instantly by the seller and they can action your purchase straight away.

The key benefit is the ability to withdraw your Credyts at any time as pure gold.  One gram, ounce or kilo at a time. 

If you're planning to buy or sell goods and services through our Members Only classifieds, use one of the many merchants coming on board to offer everything from fine tailoring to holidays and cars, or, if you just want to store your sweat equity in gold; Credyts is the answer.

It's easy to join, so why wait?


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