Basic Free Membership

As they say.. Membership has it's benefits

Our Basic Membership is FREE so you can enjoy the benefits of selling to a Credyts Gold or Elite Member. 


It's an easy way to get started on your digital wealth journey.  Learn how simple and fun it is to sell anything for real gold.  Instantly.

Get Paid.  Fast.
  1. Ask a member to send you an invitation link from within their wallet and create your own FREE wallet

  2. Simply share your new unique "QR" Code (or user name) with any member wanting to send you money, or Credyts, and get paid.  Instantly.

  3. Your balance is adjusted to show Credyts on account.  Those Credyts are then represented by real gold, in your name, at your nominated partner vault.

Transfer Between Credyts & Cash 

It's easy to "move to cash" in the rare cases you may want to exit gold.

Simply select your Credyt account as source, then which currency you would like to hold.  


Your Credyts (and your gold on hand) are then "cashed up" at market rates and transferred to your cash wallet. 

You can then withdraw your cash by wire transfer.  The funds will usually be in your traditional banking account within 24 hours.


Remember, you always have the option to simply request your gold be delivered to your door, thus avoiding exchange and banking fees. 


What you do with it then is your business. 


Members get great rates on shovels too!


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