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Yes, But....

Are there any ongoing membership fees?

Yes.  A small one.  An annual membership fee of £99 and a monthly maintenance fee of just £5 per membership.  You can cancel your membership at any time.  Billing will cease from the next cycle.  Your membership will remain live until then. 

Will I get to meet other members? 

Yes.  If you want to.  We hold regular mixers and offer members the opportunity to meet online, or of course to interact doing business with each other buying or selling their goods and services with Credyts.  Some of our members prefer to stay completely anonymous however so you may not meet them all.

Why are you doing this?

Simply, we hate big government.  We believe passionately in what our forefathers fought, and died for.  Freedom. We feel big government has been eroding natural freedoms and rights for years.  Privacy being one of them.  



Are you trying to help us avoid tax?

No.  But we do want to help you get value for money.  We feel that as long as we all contribute to society, paying fair taxes for a fair return, we should be allowed to live or lives privately, in peace and security, with the ability to store our hard work in something real.  Not a piece of paper, or digital dollar, that goes up and down with the will and whim of government  and corporate interests.   

How do I access my gold?

You can access your gold in several ways. You can request the physical gold be sent to your nominated location. You have the ability to exchange it for an alternative currency, then withdraw directly into your nomiated bank account.

How do I spend directly from my wallet?

You can spend directly from your wallet by trading with other members either privately or through our online market place. For more private spending, you will have access to our consierge service where you can purchase goods and services directly and anonymosly.

Where is my gold stored? How secure/safe is it?

We have partnered with registered vaults around the world to enable ease of access to the physical gold as and when members require access. We have done this to enable members to transport real physical wealth around the world without the need to carry it their person.

How do I access my wallet on an apple device?

The Apple App is currently being developed and will be ready for use by Summer 2020. You can access your wallet on an Apple device via the browser

Is there a depsoit/withdrawal limit?

Yes. However, the limits are variable for each membership package. Please see our Plans & Pricing page for more information.


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