It's official - There's a Credyts GOLD RUSH

Updated: Feb 26

In times of economic uncertainty, or stress, the smart money flows to gold. And it's torrential right now.

We've seen a rise in the price of gold this year alone by over 23%, in part due to the issues late last year between the USA and Iran. More information on gold as an investment right now can be found in this article by Global Investor.

Gold has risen over 11% on just 60 days

Most recently, the Coronavirus has had a huge impact (7% rise in 30 days). It's not just killing people, it's killing wealth, equities, jobs, exports...

With post apocalyptic scenes of empty streets and super market shelves, government warnings and sharemarkets tumbling, it's no wonder people are scared.

When scenes like this in Milan are broadcast, gold looks very attractive

It's for this very reason we've developed Credyts, THE Private Wealth Club built FOR Gold, ON Gold and WITH Gold.

We LOVE gold. It's safe, and it's shiny.

Most of all we love the idea we can get back to (economic) basics and trade with it. Adding a few millennial tweaks of course.

What really helps in times of trouble like this is being able to store wealth

in physical gold, securely, in a vault.

Being able to call it by courier within 72 hours worldwide doesn't hurt either.

The real benefit though is being able to swap and trade that physical gold using Credyts, via the Blockchain.

When Beta testing last year, Chris of Bristol, loved that he could buy a coffee one day and a motorbike the next.

With an official launch just weeks away, and given the uncertain times ahead in equities or cash, I'm sure many more people will enjoy the peace of mind, and transactional ease that Chris did.

Why not learn how to apply for your own Credyt account now by dropping us a line at



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