Silver Membership

Our most popular plan...

Given our challenging times, keeping a little gold off the radar is just smart. 


With all the benefits of our Basic Plan, Silver Members start with 5 Credyts (5 x 1 ounce gold coins) on account. 


Members gain access to priority email support and get to join us free in London once a year for our legendary black tie Credyts mixer. 

Our silver plan gives member the opportunity to start trading credyts on scale, along with 6 months free physical storage at one of our partner vaults. 

Ideal for those wanting to store a portion of their income or wealth in gold by getting paid for goods or services instantly with Credyts. 

Get Paid.  Fast.

Just share your unique "QR" Code with anyone wanting to send you money, or Credyts, and you get paid.  Instantly.

Your balance is adjusted to show additional Credyts on account.  Those Credyts are then represented by real gold, in your name, at your nominated partner vault.

Fund Your New Account

Funding your account is easy.  You can use one of the methods below and, depending on which you choose, your account will show an updated balance from a few minutes or up to 48 hours (for wire transfer).

  • Pay in Person (PiP) at over 11,500 Royal Mail Post Shops in the UK.  Simply buy Credyts over the counter.

  • Make a wire transfer from anywhere in the world, direct to your new account

  • Accept an immediate blockchain transfer in dozens of tokens and currencies


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